proclaim with boldness,

your love, as it were

your desires; but if it be

freedom your heart seeks,

Declare with resolute certainty

so that no man or woman can

misunderstand or wonder at the

intentions –


Caution: search the shoreline of your

existence, as Resistance approaches;

are you willing to bloody your own hands?

for a chance at independence…

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  1. beautiful… these reflections are certainly not for a couch potato citizen!

    Happy 4th of July to you and your family

  2. Very nice Sheila. It did leave me wondering about why the independence was that big an issue in one sense, given that the colonists were not slaves and were just objecting to taxes. Much like they do now. And looking at the way Britain developed (e.g. with a health service), compared to how the US has, but both very similar in a lot of ways. But that is the way it ran.

    Independence day itself didn’t make me think of any of that. So job done in that way. – Enjoyed the poem either way.

    • Although the poem seems primarily about a country’s independence, try to see it from a more personal point of view – apply it to relationships and the need for independence in that regard. It may strike you differently. In regard to the U.S. vs. Britain, we’ve always been a rebellious bunch and quite frankly, the taxes were wholly unfair and unreasonable and well, we bested you guys 🙂 lol

      • Well I did to begin with, but given when you posted it, it was hard not to see it both ways.

        You only won because the British were already fighting on several fronts, and the unfair taxes were to support the cause. Oh, the irony of it all 🙂

    • I appreciate that Sonia 🙂 As I mentioned to someone else, this poem is about both the quest for a nation’s independence but also that of a relationship that’s facing demise. I’m glad you stopped by!!

  3. It’s better to be searching
    Deep inside the storms
    the seeds of my will
    Rather than kissing the boring shores……

    This is amazing sheila ….you rock

      • Hey

        Whatever little I know of poetry , I can say that your hand is blessed and your metaphors sing a song . Keep the good going sweet lady and you shall readers make a beeline for your verses.


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