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I despise reality television. Many of you may be having a ‘come apart’ right now because of my strong sentiment over the subject, and for all of you fans of this kind of programming, I’m happy for you, really, but I hate it. And now I have an even bigger reason to hate it. It’s called, “My Big Redneck Vacation.”

Travel destination


This is a program devoted to showing a redneck American family (from the South, no less) visiting different areas of the country and providing ample amounts of insult and ignorance to those they come in contact with. For my lovely blogging friends across the world who may be wondering what a redneck is, I refer you to the definition offered by which defines redneck as:  “a disparaging term for a member of the white rural laboring class, especially in the southern United States.

I wouldn’t mind so much if they kept these attributes here in our own country (where they can be contained), but now they’re heading into new territory – they’re going global. And no, I have no bias against the South or Southerners, because I am one, born and bred. That’s exactly why I can say we have some characteristics down here that the world isn’t quite ready for.    

I did a blog post not too long ago called Assmerican: that would be me. Feel free to take a look at that post at your leisure. I admit to accidentally insulting those from other countries on a regular basis – accidentally I said. Let me say now with a good deal of confidence I’ve got nothing on the folks in this show. Is it necessary for our country to ship self-proclaimed rednecks across the world and force Europeans to suffer the consequences for the sake of a network’s TV ratings?

I’ve finally gotten around to reading Stephen King’s “On Writing” and one of the recommendations he makes is to turn the television off and stick your nose in a good book. With programming like the above mentioned, it isn’t hard to do. I’m not sure why ‘reality’ television is so popular to begin with. Any lovers of reality TV out there? Please, tell me what you love about it. Would shows like “My Big Redneck Vacation” appeal to you?

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  1. Hi, Sheila. Sorry I can’t help you out, but I sure agree with you. I can’t stand, comprehend, or even understand the attraction of reality TV. I hit my tolerance limit when the Khardashians invaded our airwaves, and not just on their show! Caroline

  2. Can’t say I’m much of a television fan in general, except for the occasional movie, cool TV show, and documentaries. Turning off the TV to stick one’s nose in a book sounds like good advice 🙂

  3. i didn’t have to read much of this one…*L*. i’ve hated them from day 1. i hate the fact that they pay these idiots big bucks and they are not too bright upstairs to say the least. all it is for some people to feel good about themselves when they are watching some program that is more dysfunctional than there existence in life. basically it’s pitiful+ and any other words that can be thrown at it.

    • I admit to watching Dancing with the Stars but only on the results night! lol Craft Wars? Hmmm, I think a good short story about a craft contest where someone ends up killed by their craft might be interesting… lol I’ve got a sick mind, ya know?

  4. What King says is exactly the one thing we forget about ourselves as viewers and consumers. We forget that we have a right to turn down any product or show we want. We are the judges of quality and we decide what’s successful or not.

  5. Not a fan of “reality” tv either. My one indulgence on those lines is “Food Network Star” on the food channel. I think it’s more real than most because it lacks drama.
    Not sure why I watch it. I hate cooking. I barely even like eating. I think I just like seeing people live out of their passion.

    • I confess: I do like some of the cooking shows – but I do love food and cooking so perhaps I can count it as an attempt to add to my culinary skills? 🙂 That’s going to be my story in this regard on any account! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting – much appreciated!

  6. I’ve never watched the show you mention in your post, but I know people who do! All I can say is some folks just enjoy watching others make fools or themselves. I live in Texas and always have so the type of people in shows like the one you mention along with Swamp People, My Redneck Wedding, Doomsday Preppers, etc. could actually be members of my family!!!!
    Granted I even play up the ‘Redneck” aspect of the south…with my White-Trash line of fashion and beauty tips!! Redneck, after all, is just a more politically correct term for White-Trash. If you live in the south and think you don’t have Rednecks in your family…you haven’t gone back far enough in your family tree!!
    I admit, I get a kick out of seeing a lot of Rednecks at our local WalMart. Now…gee, did I just have an idea for another totally useless reality show…”WalMart White Trash?” You know the type…they buy oil for their car and then change it in the parking lot!!
    One of my favorite things to say to my grandchildren is…Don’t make me turn into a white trash grandma and take off my flip-flop and whip you with it!! Just joking of course…I write humor you know.
    Wow, if I could just get Wal-Mart to carry my books and line of White Trash fashions, I’d have it made and possible a reality show of my own!!!
    Great post, Sheila. I enjoyed it.

    • I love your take on things Ann and you are hilarious! We’re known for our rednecks around here – our town or someone from it makes the ‘big city’ news on a regular basis. I’m so glad you stopped by Ann! 🙂

  7. I could probably do a long list of those shows that I have been unfortunate enough to see a few minutes of, then wanted to start slamming a door closed, with my head in the way. But then there are one or two which are acceptable. I think I prefer the odd one which is a person in their usual context (job or whatever), rather than fish out of water. I have to confess to watching Storage Wars, from time to time, although that does have the novelty of being based around the area I live in. Got to have the odd bit of crap to balance off the good stuff I enjoy watching.

    • I like your phrase “the odd bit of crap” – nicely put 😉 I think what bugs me about this particular show is that it is sooooo embarrassing to know these people are ‘representing’ our country in a way that is nauseating…

      • I would think most people know it is not representative of most Americans. In the UK the stereotype of Americans is along the lines of “Fat and Stupid”, but that provides the joke context. Most people know this as the stereotype to joke about, but know that most people are just the same as they are. I would joke about it too, but I’m married to one and now live in the US, so hopefully that illustrates my point.

  8. If you clump shows like Iron Chef or project Runway under Reality TV, those shows are OK with me. The rest of it though……I like to say that I’ll listen to how dumb Americans are when the rest of the world stops watching Baywatch,

  9. I’ve never watched that particular show, but it does sound pretty terrible – I must admit that I don’t watch much T.V. and I’m not sure I see the appeal of most of it so I’m not in a good position to judge it – but some of the the reality T.V. stuff I think goes beyond simple entertainment into a rather sinister and slightly ugly exhibitionism that seems harmful not only to the people filmed but also to the viewers – showing rednecks being idiots seem like it’s only going to reinforce the stereotype that Southerners are all stupid. Bah.
    This is an interesting subject to me at the moment because I’m actually writing a dystopia style novel where reality T.V. goes too far – where the media network buys the prison system to use as one big game show – not very original maybe – I mean, Running Man pretty much did the same thing way back 1987. Still – it’s fun to write 😉

    • I just found this comment in my spam folder – drives me nuts sometimes 🙂 I so appreciate your comments! I agree that some of these shows are nothing more than ‘ugly exhibitionism’ and I wish you all the best on your novel – sounds like it will be a fun read!

      • aww thanks 🙂

        Aggressive spam protection can be a pain – but then again, so can piles of spam 😦 It’s a tough internet out there….


  10. Reality TV annoys me terribly and I could fill pages just ranting about all my dislikes. I like fiction whenever I watch TV.
    However, I am guilty of watching Duck Dynasty with a friend (she’s a big fan) and giggling a few times.

  11. I don’t plan on giving up my TV, I think you can do both – watch TV AND read. It’s what you choose. There are also some pretty bad books out there (50 Shades of Shit, anyone?).

    I like some reality shows – So You Think You Can Dance is wonderful. The dancers are just amazing to watch and their journey to even greater excellence is inspiring. And Biggest Loser – reality with an upside. My daughter and I watch 48 Hours Mystery and Dateline Mystery all the time. Good writing ideas abound in there!

    But the redneck thing? Pass. There’s enough of those in real life up here in ‘cowtown.’ I hate all of those Jersey Shore type crap shows. But I’ll never give up on Criminal Minds or Grimm or Prime Suspect and the like. That’s some great downtime.

    • Absolutely on the bad books! I wouldn’t have thought you’d be plagued with rednecks up there 🙂 And I have watched so much Criminal Minds I’ve freaked myself out 🙂 Thank you always for visiting my little spot in the blogosphere!

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