Busy Hands, Idle Minds


Meredith was all but giddy telling Doreen about what she’d heard at work the other day. “It seems that Dr. Ivers is going to fire his ‘perfect’ medical assistant after she was caught putting one his prescription pads in her bag the other night when they were closing up. I wish I’d been there to see it. I knew she wasn’t going to work out when he hired her. She seemed like a real go-getter but it was all for show. Tell your sister to be sure and get an application over to the clinic ASAP.”

“I’ll do it. By the way, did you hear about Ann and Bill?” Doreen asked, never looking up from slicing the cucumber in front of her.

Meredith shook her head, also busy with prepping vegetables for a salad. “Is it true then?”

“Oh yeah. She kicked his butt out last night. Seems he’s been carrying on with that girl in his office for a quite a while now. Of course she’s worked for him 10 years – no telling how long it’s been going on.”

“Well that’s nothing,” Meredith snickered. “The other night me and Brittney were watching some show about cheaters and you know how funny she is. She thought it would be a kick to make a chart of all the people in town cheating on each other. Then she entertained me and her dad and sister with her scientific report.”

“I’d like to see that. I saw Julie Benson having coffee with Lisa Wilson’s husband the other day. Tell Brit to be sure and put them on the chart. Julie can say they were talking real estate but we all know there’s more going on. And to meet in public – now that takes gall.”

Neither woman ever looked up from their cutting and slicing, just nodded their heads in agreement with each other as they continued.

“Doreen, you know some of these women get to losing weight and fixing themselves up and they think they can have any man they want. I may be a little thick around the middle but I’d rather be a little chubby than look like slut. It turns my stomach. We’re lucky we’re both married to solid men, though. Neither one of ours would ever think of straying – of course they know what we’d do to them if they did.”

“I keep a close eye on things at home. I check Steve’s pockets and look at his cell phone. And I’m not ashamed of doing it one bit. He knows I do it, too. I know how to keep my man in line.”

Both women laughed. Meredith looked at her watch. “Oh girl, we’ve got to get finished. I think I hear the crowd coming in.”

“They’re gonna love it – soup, salad, bread and iced tea. I’d say we’ve done a great job!”

Kitty Johnson, the women’s ministry leader, stepped into the kitchen. “Hi ladies. Everything looks so good! We are so blessed that two of our most faithful prayer warriors are also talents in the kitchen, as well. Are you about ready to start the prayer luncheon?”

“Sure thing…we’re all set.”


Image courtesy of Microsoft Office ClipArt

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  1. As an individual who shuns gossip, I would not do well with these women. Which means I would most likely be the topic of conversation for their next food-prep gossip fest. 🙂

    • LOL – I’m thinking anyone not them is the topic of gossip for these two. And it’s funny cause I’ve always found it helpful to prep for a prayer meeting with….wait for it….prayer.

  2. “… just nodded their heads in agreement with each other as they continued…”

    in Maine the Maine Humorist came up with the term that so fits the Maine Native called the reverse nod – when you have your hands full you and need to say howdy to a neighbor, just flip your head back and as your sucking in a breath you say ‘Ayuh’…

    i love these faithful Prayer Warriors and that the husband know his wife checks his cell phone – duh! what a riot.. a creative riot…


  3. I liked it and then I liked reading the comments. I like the subtlety of the title and how that ties in to the close where the woman are supposed to be prepping for a prayer meeting. Ok- so you gave me that but it’s about cheating and I suppose the thing you are saying is that people are not really thinking. Me, I didn’t think the ladies were gossipy, they were just people occupying themselves with what their hearts were concerned with, or at least that’s the feeling I got with the rather honest admission of checking on the cheating. It’s quite an absorbing piece to read.

    • Thanks so much for your comments! Sometimes when readers given their insight, I get to see my characters in a way I hadn’t previously considered – you offered a perspective I hadn’t quite absorbed fully until just now – thanks so much for your input 🙂

  4. It’s definitely a very fun and unique slice of life. I like how it works hard to portray these people as unique without getting into the uncomfortable topic of religion and faith. These are women, first and foremost. The rest is layers.

    • Thanks Joe for your input and comments. I appreciate you taking the time to read it! And yes, the topic of religion and faith can be uncomfortable and sometimes that makes it even more desirable to attack with the pen…but this one can be taken with a bit of laughter 🙂

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