Logophiles Unite


Do you consider yourself a logophile – no, not a ‘legophile’ surrounded by a construction zone of plastic blocks, but a logophile – a lover of words?  There are some words I adore, most actually, but a few of them are jewels in the way they sound when spoken, look when written and even felt when absorbed in that place where language resonates.  I’ll share a few of mine if you’ll share a few of yours.

Dictionary definition of the word "communication" close-up











Of course these are but a drop in the giant ocean of language that I like to float around in. Please enlighten me with a few of your own – whether they’re nouns, verbs, adjectives, funny, sad, macabre. Maybe some of yours will become some of mine!

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    • All wonderful choices. I like magnanimous, too! Curmudgeon is fun and one of your fellow Canadians, a poet named Dean Baker introduced me to ‘assgoblin’ which I find hilarious 🙂

  1. Ooooh. I love serendipity, too. Also, Babylon, expository, erudite, elusive, loquacious, lament, solipsism, Talluluah, Chattahoochee. It’s hard to choose just a few!

  2. You always have such good blog ideas, Sheila!

    One of my favorite words is onomatopoeia. Love to say it. My favorite medical word is idiopathic. And, of course, my son’s recent creation–paenus–has grown on me. 😉

    • First – thank you much for always being so supportive. And don’t get me started on medical words – I like idiopathic too but I really like esophagogastroduodenoscopy – one of my favs. I can’t believe I overlooked onomatopoeia! I really like your son and his imagination 🙂 He’s a true wordsmith!

  3. i have a few but some are extenders though. you will see what i mean.

    1. without further ado.
    2. lethargic
    3 copacetic
    3. eclectic
    4.derriere (french word for buttocks)

    those are quick ones off the top of my head.

  4. Keep in mind, I like the way these words sound, not necessarily what they mean LOL

    Rudimentary, Sphincter, Spelunking, Fantastic, Indomethacin, and Fascist.

    I hate the word JUST!

    • Well JUST keep in mind that just because a word has a terrible meaning doesn’t mean we can’t like the way they look or sound and just keep in mind that logophiles are weird that way 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and just keep writing 😛

  5. My faves are usually words that begin with a vowel. Obsequious, onerous, ominous, enlighten, enamored, and embellish come to mind. Then there are amorous and amiable, idyllic and irascible, and urbane and utilitarian. I could go on, of course, which reminds me of another fave: infinitude! 🙂

  6. I like words like ninja, katana, Snuffleupagus, protoplasm, quasi-, zombie apocalypse, doom, Viking, barbarian, kitty, cosmos, otherworldly, fjord, gravestone, leprechaun, snowfall, platypus, owl, octopus, sorcery, forest, ocean, and Icelandic Volcano. I’m not sure why. Oh, and moon 🙂

    • I’m not sure what a psychoanalyst would surmise about you from this list, but I’m fairly sure they’d have to come up with a new category of awesome 🙂 Great list and I would have never guessed some of these – yeah, right 😛

  7. If food lovers are “Foodies”, then can’t we logophiles be “Wordies”?
    Serendipitous is fantastic. (You must read this.

    I enjoy: Sonorous, Soliloquy, Deftly, Dastardly, Egregiously (Uh- oh, stuck in adverbs…)
    Synonym, Evasive, Entropic, and Banana…just for appetizers! Great post! ~Regards, Dan

  8. “… Luminescence…” when i was a teenager, i wanted to swim in water with phosphorescence during the midnight hours…

    David in Maine USA

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