Versatility is Nice…

Standard It seems a couple of great fellas, Mike Schulenberg and M. G. Edwards,  think I’m deserving of The Versatile Blogger Award! I’m so not deserving but I’ll gladly accept and I thank you both for thinking of me!  As with other awards, there are rules to follow and I’ve just followed the first two: Thank the nominator(s) and link back to their blogs.

The next part is the hardest part:  Listing other bloggers to give this award to. Now, there seems to be a discrepancy in the number of bloggers to award. Some say 7, others 15 and, well, who really knows?  The list I made is a list of  bloggers I enjoy – Maybe they already have this award or don’t want it at all – in either case, their names are emboldened below for the world to see (I might be a little delusional over my following but I love each and every one).

1. Blue Lily Storm

2. My Body the City: The Secret Life of a Callgirl

3. Read Between the Minds

4. The Writing Aficionado

5. Inaffablemrjones

6. Lameboyofhamln

7. Brian Westbye

Finally, I’ve been tasked with telling 7 things about myself. I thought, hey, this won’t be hard but then I started wondering – What does anyone really want to know about me? I’ll give it a shot:

1. I live in a VERY rural area where it is possible to get a hair cut, go to the post office, run to the grocery store and be home within an hour. At said locations, it is likely one will see familiar or even the same faces at each stop.

2. My favorite flower is the peony. I absolutely think they are so beautiful! My least favorite flower is the traditional red rose.

3.  I love the city of Memphis. I lived downtown there for a while and enjoyed it immensely. It feels alive to me and very rhythmic.

4. I didn’t realize until later in life that I don’t mind snakes so much – even have a pet one named Bones.

5. I’d rather have empty journals to write in than jewelry to wear.

6. I regularly enjoy dark chocolate and eat it with popcorn and even in my oatmeal for breakfast (with peanut butter and a little sugar, naturally).

7. I’m so NOT a morning person – I should come with a warning label in this regard.

So, please feel free to share your favorite city, something you can’t live without or offer any random fact about yourself you’d like ‘the world’ to know…And thanks again to Mike Schulenberg and M.G. Edwards for being so kind to me…

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  1. I love Washington, DC. I would love to live there for a year, though I know that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. 🙂 And of course, you already know I love dark chocolate and popcorn. My two biggest vices but each have some health benefits, too, so it’s all good. But I don’t, I repeat, don’t like snakes!

  2. i live in a rural area, but not massively rural, but i like going to the city as that has ALL the activity. you mentioned having journals over jewelry. i’ve never done any journaling though i had a lady friend give me one. i’ve never been able to use it. for me it would have to be the computer versus having the top of the line type of vehicle – one that is paid for upfront….*LOL* congrats on the blogger award.

    • I use the journals to write poetry sketches and story ideas in – I’ve written entire stories in them before. I love the sound writing with a pencil makes. I know – I’m as weird as they get… 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  3. Congratulations on winning Versatile Bloggers award…… Awesome blogs. Read some 🙂 It was really awesome. Regards from Pranjal. All the best for future bloggings…

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