Get Lost…


What are you searching for? Come on, you’re searching for something aren’t you?

Me? Some days I’m just searching for a damn good cup of coffee. Other days I’m searching for an elusive line to a poem or trying to get some jumbled concept of a story idea on paper. It’s those days when I’m looking for myself that things get a little unsettling. What’s that? How could I be looking for someone whose skin I live in? Easy.

I get lost in memories, dreams I once had just out of my grasp, a place I’ve never seen but feel as though it’s there waiting for me…

I get lost in music, the words of a simple lyric grabbing my very soul, shaking my core, leaving me lonely and in pain. I’d like to find that songwriter…

I get lost in art – some image that’s captured a private moment of someone’s thoughts or feelings, now on display, naked for us all to see…

I get lost in emotion, maybe mine or perhaps a feeling transferred to me through the eyes of another in the briefest glance. I didn’t ask them for it…


After all this losing, this going off track into places other than the right now I have to find my way back. It is then, in that journey back to now, that I make some discovery, have an epiphany, figure something out that I hadn’t understood before.

Sure, some people have a great capacity for linear thought. They can look at a situation, see clearly the beginning, the middle and the end, finding their way down a straight path and come back with GPS precision. Not me. I was one of those students in school that excelled in both the literary arts and science. My mind is a mash of analytical thought combined with the need to explore the emotional state of being, creatively determine the outcome through both cautious reason and wild irrationality. My right brain and left brain tend to collide at times. Now you see why I get lost.

It’s in the finding my way back from these various rabbit holes that I learn something…usually.

How about you? Do you ever let yourself get lost in thought, music, creativity? Do you enjoy it or do you fight it? Anything special you learn in the process? Please share – maybe we can get lost together…

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  1. I tend to be analytical and focused, and I like the concrete, which is probably why I don’t write poetry (well, that and because I suck at it). But I can definitely get lost in some things, most notably music. Sure, books and movies can transport you to another world, but for me, they can never do so as much as music. A particular song can not only take you to a different place, it can take you back in time. It can make memories from that time vivid. It can remind you of what you were doing when that song was popular. And is there anything else as motivating as music?

      • Absolutely. Whenever I hear anything from the Cranberries “Bury the Hatchett” CD, I actually get nauseous, because that was the album I listened to all of the time during my first trimester of my second pregnancy. Is weird and also sad, since I like those songs. 🙂

  2. I get lost too. Funny, I just wrote about it today too. My two cents if you get the time: Communion. I think there are times we need to explore that space in our heads, and times we need to get out. Get grounded. Get together and shoot the breeze. Thanks for your thoughts. ~Thinking on it all, Dan

  3. For me music (as you read about), but a good book or film / tv show can also do the trick for a little while. At the moment it is a bit difficult to do with my boy running round, but once he is in bed…

    • I fully get that – I’ve got two boys (9 and 4) and they don’t make it easy… never, NEVER quiet in this house… lol That’s why I’m a night owl – hoot, hoot

  4. i come here to read your creative writing – your style captures a snapshot of everyday life, a reflection of humanity… your space is always very inviting – i like that too…

    David in Maine USA

  5. I love getting lost in creativity. And because I get so darn lost in music, I can’t listen while I write. Drifting away into writing-dreamland is a treat I embrace, even when if it snags me out of “real” life temporarily. 😉 Lovely post!

    • I know what you mean about getting lost in music while writing. I can’t listen to anything where I’ll catch myself singing along or it’s all over… 🙂 Thanks so much for popping in!

  6. I think your writing style is crisp and clean and I enjoy that after the effort ball that goes on on my page. As it relates to your question- I find it hard to flit between worlds actually; if I am working on a poem into a night or for the better part of a day then when I wake up from having spent so much thought, it seems an odd place to be, me in the world. You want to do the world stuff less and less
    and that is kind of ironic because a lot of times writing says something about the absence of doing.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  7. wow lucky you science and art together thats a beautiful balance when those two work together you just can’t go wrong! Me yeah I’m always getting lost, lost in the world, lost in my head definitely lost in music, lost in galleries, lost in gardens and mountains and forest sometimes I do need to bring myself back to the real world to actually look at stuff as it stands there proudly and solidly!

  8. I love getting lost and staying lost in creative projects as long as possible, which causes problems when there are deadlines to meet and appointments to keep. I guess, too, that’s why I’m single; but I’m never alone or unhappy with all the fun, creative projects going on in my life.

    • Being creative is what keeps me going. I used to worry over keeping my house ‘just so’ and pleasing others by dropping everything and taking care of what they needed, but I’ve discovered that the writing and my other projects are too important to me and I’ve learned to tell others ‘no.’ I’m now focusing on what I love 🙂 Keep doing what you love!

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