All Good Things…



You have no lover to love you.

You have no heart to give away and only the memories of ‘what was’ plague your mind.

Drink liquid freedom and allow the numbness to come; escape the sorrow.

Follow the path to mindless perseverance of truth…Quiet giggles of innocence from a dark corner – it really is funny, how you thought he needed you.

Foolish girl.

The nest of a dying owl holds secrets of life we can never learn – some bullshit about wisdom.


And then she got it – the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need.’

We aren’t stupid – only blind and only because we choose to be. The heart is a beacon to those who wish to break it – move on, else place your foot on my neck and press…

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  1. very moving that is. i got a good sense of that whole piece for obvious reasons of which – you know. i’m gonna take that fourth stanza as my favorite, but that ending really clips at the heart….did i just say that?

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