Paper Flowers


Sometimes I need a creative boost, especially if I find myself in a slump or I’m procrastinating over re-writes of a story. At these times, I look outside of writing for inspiration. I might listen to music and do nothing else. I might get outside and work in my flowerbeds, feeling the earth between my fingers. Or, I might feed my crafty artistic side. When I allow myself the time to get away from my notebooks and work with my hands in a way that doesn’t involve holding a pen or pencil, I feel renewed.

Last week I got an idea – I started envisioning large paper flowers on canvas but had no idea where to start but since Mother’s Day was approaching I decided to just go with it.  Turns out, I really enjoy paper sculpting and painting.

The photos show the results – and the good thing is, the moms liked their gifts!



With hands of love, she comforts. With lips of love, she gives. With inspiration from the heavens, she shows us how to live…


So what do you guys do when you need a creative boost?  How do you find inspiration? And I hope all of you celebrating Mother’s Day today had a wonderful one….

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  1. I love these….the pictures do not do them justice….they are more lovely in person.
    Thank you…Mom

  2. Those are really lovely. Unfortunately, if I tried them, they would come out looking like smashed peas.

    It’s weird, but when I need a break and a creative boost, I’ll head to a movie. It’s one of my favorite activities, and I find the mental escape recharges my brain. Either that or a nice long walk outside. But only when it’s nice out. I’m a weenie when it comes to cold. (So why’s my butt in Ohio you’re probably wondering…)

    • You definitely need to make your way further South chickadee…And I bet your craftier than you give yourself credit for! Movies usually make me sleepy – I drifted off during The Lorax 🙂 Although I am wanting to see Dark Shadows – I don’t think I could possibly fall asleep watching Johnny Depp!!

      • That’s up for next weekend. That man is good in every role he plays. Talk about a true artist. This weekend was “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” and “The Avengers,” both great in their own way.

  3. Those turned out pretty great, Sheila.

    I guess when I need to recharge my creative energy, I just do pretty much anything that isn’t working on my WIP–reading, listening to music, watching a movie, playing a video game, etc. I think the important thing is to just take a rest every now and then.

  4. Those are beautiful, Sheila! I used to draw, pencil sketches and pointilism. I sewed a lot of my own clothes too. Then I had kids and had no time and lost that part of me. That’s okay, what I got in replacement (you know, the two greatest kids on earth) was worth it. Now it’s mostly just writing. And blogging. Which is writing. Yeah, just writing…

    • Glad you liked them – they were fun to make. Sewing has never been a strength of mine – I can sew little things but not clothing… 😦 You definitely have a gift for writing so I’m glad you’re doing it!!

  5. Love is a creation of God… And who has creativity as writing, Art, poetry and beautiful creation for a mother, God loves them…. Regards to your mother.. Pranjal

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