Kaleidoscope of Human Pursuit


Where do some of our thoughts come from as writers? I probably don’t want the answer, especially when they are dark thoughts. I still allow them to come, flow out onto the paper. What does it say about me? I’ve come to the conclusion that in facing darkness I conquer it. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. The following are a few words that poured out – they have meaning to me. I understand the implication of every line in the scattered way that a sloppy desk makes sense to someone who loves organized chaos.  Feel free to share your thoughts.



Restless but weary, seeking wisdom from an empty well – how can he know when he finds it if he doesn’t know what he’s looking for?

And you, what do you offer with a top hat of tricks like a bad magician with a broken wand? Go ahead, have your fun but don’t forget the consequences. They linger on the wind, following the cheap fragrance you wear.

We are all rattled by broken promises, the overt dereliction of duties and falsified evidences, displayed for the masses, blind to Truth. Send a child to offer a whisper  – they are more likely to hear the voice of innocence than the shouts of a million willing mouths. Are bound hands capable of reach? The worthless have value unknown to greed.

Wrestle your forsaken conscience to the ground and see who stands the victor.

I’m an unholy one to offer these thoughts, living in the fringe of all that has been lost to goodness. I am that consequence that tears at rotten flesh, looking for a meal of utter abandonment. Let go of your fears and grab onto mine, and we shall inspire one another.

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  1. All of us harbor dark thoughts, not just from our own experiences but from those experiences around us. How can we not be affected by the turmoil in this world? Over time, that darkness increases, at least in my opinion, because we’re exposed to the horrors time and time again. I guess one might call this cynicism. How we deal with our dark thoughts determines how adjusted we are. And using writing as a means to express this darkness seems an effective outlet for sure.

    • Writing is my therapy…it’s free and it’s effective 🙂 And you’re definitely on target – we’re bombarded by so much. When I get the urge to purge some of that, I put pen to paper and let it go…

  2. I shouldn’t worry about dark thoughts. The problem is people who cannot distinguish between something popping into their head, and something they do to someone or something in the real world. You can use them in writing however you want, sometimes to balance out the light thoughts.

    Sometimes a bit of dark is needed to put the light in context.

    • Agreed…and of course there are those who make a terrific living at writing the darkest of stories. One can always find a balance if they look for it 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

  3. Without darkness, you couldn’t express life, and you certainly couldn’t tell a story. If there is nothing to fight against, then there is nothing to tell. No one would know what the day is without the night.

  4. Interesting “send a child to a whisper’ thats so true because we all get caught up in the power of shouting and shouting is anger and no-one wants to listen to anger but when a child notices something bad you know something is wrong and those who are doing wrong listen in shame! I like what you put in it all, its not so dark.. your just trying to find a way of dealing with the darkness that swims around the world and it must of helped you greatly.

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