All knowing in your Faith,

What do you really know?

My wounds run deep –

What’s that? Believe and be made whole…


Judge the sin, not the sinner

the Proclamation of the Saints

Where should I begin –

I know this deal is fake


I’ve seen it too many times

Judgment harsh and furious,

Talkers with loose tongues –

Do you even know you’re devious?


What sin of mine should shine

before the list that is your own

Hypocrite – smile at my face, then

Release your pretty stone


Into my head it sinks

blood pooling where I fall

He who heals the sick

will someday come to call


Will you present Him with a crown

of  jewels you earned on Earth;

Will it be of gold and gems

or crumble from its worth?


Cast your judgment on me,

one I used to call ‘friend’

I’ll not play your game

but if I did – I’d surely win


29 responses »

  1. So good, Sheila! I love this verse:

    “What sin of mine should shine

    before the list that is your own

    Hypocrite – smile at my face, then

    Release your pretty stone”


  2. In the way that austin powers might….. yeah baby. These vignettes, what are they?
    Are so good, you’re working with a tight rhyme scheme and essentially this is a rant but wow, as three million others will point out their favourite parts, the phrasing is memorable, inventive, and just so solid in a memorable way. You were working with a tight rhyme/meter scheme, but the way you broke that up and punctuated each partition, making it stand alone. I was thrilled to read this from you. 🙂

      • If someone is kind enough to show an interest in my work I want to return that and show an interest in there’s, we are just working a lot of hours right now.

        But the content of the comment was not based on reciprocation, it’s got a lot of wonderful things going for it, your poem. 🙂

    • Thanks for dropping in and for reading…if we’re honest with ourselves we’re probably all hypocrites at some point but I can point my finger at myself as well as anyone… 🙂

  3. Shiela, the world is full of the hypocrites and your poetry positively gets the point across. Another very worthy poem. Perfectly written. *hugs*

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