Blue Birds and Rock Gods


The Universe is trying to tell me something and I’ve been ignoring it, but I’m listening now. There’s a story I need to write. It’s just outside my window. It wakes me up every morning and badgers me throughout the day. This story comes in the form of a bluebird – with a nasty habit of attacking my windows. He’s begging to be immortalized in the written word, so I’m going to give in and write his story. I have no idea where to go with it but I’m thinking it may be a little creepy since that’s how I feel when I look up to find the damn thing staring at me like he wants to poke my eyes out.

I’m feeling a little Hitchcockian. I’m feeling a little dark. What horrible demise might come to this feathered friend? Or will he be the terminator of life? No sweetness and light here. It’s all sick and twisted. Well, at least I have the idea. Now, to let the words find me.

By the way, dear reader, I am doing something tonight I’ve never done before. I’m going to my first rock concert – Van Halen. Yeah, I know I’m a little old to be stepping into virgin territory of this kind – I’ve lived a sheltered life, what can I say?  Who have you seen in concert?

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  1. Looking forward to your twisted bird story. 🙂

    Although I love music, I’m not much of a live concert goer. Never really have been. Must be that introvert thing–there is no way I can sway to music and hold up a lighter with all of those other people around. That being said, I might be able to make an exception for the Black Keys. Love that group. 🙂

  2. Honey, if you’re going to a Van Halen concert, there won’t be any “virgin territory” around. I’ve seen Aerosmith twice (once with the Cult and once with Cheap Trick), AC/DC, John Mellencamp three times, Our Lady Peace and the Tragically Hip, both of them at a wonderfully intimate campus cabaret setting (though 2 decades apart). The Beach Boys, REO Speedwagon, Tom Cochrane. I know there’s more, but I can’t recall. And in November, the best ever – I get to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers! Awesome…

    Can’t wait to read a creep bird story. Somehow that speaks to me… 🙂

      • You go any way you’re comfortable. For me it’s always jeans and a tee or tank. And heels if I know i’ll be sitting. Which I usually am not… 🙂 Enjoy!

  3. Hey…maybe he’s like that kid and is saying “I see dead people in there…get out quick!”…okay so that maybe a bit too much for a Friday morning…any way…have fun at the concert. Cheers!

  4. How was your first concert? I’ve seen too many live acts to list – most of all, I’ve seen U2 13 times – love them! Any live show is soul shaking to your very core. Something about live music and I hope you felt it.
    Love the evil bird idea. Love that the bird is the savior of the world and the protagonist. The words will come!

    • The concert was great! I’m still letting it sink in… U2 13 times? Wow. I really like them, too. Thanks so much for stopping in and yes, we will see where the bird takes me 🙂

    • Thanks for coming by – the concert was amazing! Thanks for asking. And, yes, I am putting some thoughts together about the little bird…we’ll soon learn his fate 🙂

  5. Just remember. Hitchcock was about being morbid, suspenseful and scary while also keeping a pretty lively sense of humor. I think it’s the mix of both that turns out to be the hardest to do.

    • I know you’re right – I’ll never pretend to be able to achieve such a lofty goal, but I love the way he put a spin on things and I love his unique perspective.

  6. even though that blue bird is the antagonist here, there is something that can be salvaged in it. first them beady eyes are what one needs to create something nice. secondly, when he is bouncing of the window, it is like that in the mind to give you the feel like that of the sound of the typewriter to energize you. just a different take here. i like that take you had on the blue bird. it really got me to thinking.

      • you may not need it literally, but metaphorically it’s a good thing. anyways, can you send me a separate link for “coping” as that is the one with the whipporill. i have some local poets here on facebook, and maybe i can say something when i post your link to engage interest and then post mine since you inspired my poetic. i did see one your friends liked my poem, so i sent a request to add.

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