Amusing Muses


(Just having a little fun with words tonight – I hope you enjoy it… )


Male poets and their muses,

The male novelist is implicated, as well

Whisperers of tantalizing inspiration

Do they touch your pen, pray tell…


Do they have hair of gold?

Lips of truest shade?

Do they model perfection

In every single way?


The female writer of words

Can surely join in the fun

What sort of muse should inspire

A woman’s creative flame to burn?


Will he be built as an Adonis

Listening to her every sigh

A lover only in her mind or

Real flesh to cling to at night?


It shall be scandalous, risque in truest form

She’ll be one of ‘those women’

But won’t she have such fun…

14 responses »

    • I’ve always thought there was a double standard for women writers – to get published years and years ago, they had to use a man’s name and then if you wrote something risque and it was known to come from a woman, you were a heretic. I like to bust down doors, not just walk through them… 🙂 So I had to have some fun with the muses…

      • it should be equal. if the slantings would all leave, it would make things better all the way around. keep busting through them and play them muses….:)

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