An Interest in Pinterest?


Hello one and all…I’ve been snooping around various social media and I’m sort of falling in love with one called Pinterest. Before I go on with this post, let me say now that if you aren’t utilizing social media to network with others, establish a following and promote your work/writing, you are really missing out on an opportunity.  Besides a chance to market your work, you are gaining the chance to meet and interact with some amazingly talented folks and build some truly wonderful relationships.

You guys probably know all about Pinterest but if not, here’s the skinny in simplified form. It’s as the name suggests – a place to ‘pin’ things of interest to you on a ‘board.’ Others can follow the things you pin to your virtual board and share those items with their followers. In this way, it’s another available marketing tool for those of you with books to sell. Ok, so maybe none of this makes sense. Take a look at my link below to see an example of what Pinterest is about.

I have several boards but one is called Books – All Things Bookish – where I’ve pinned several books and book-related items. If you have a book link you’d like pinned to my board, please let me know via the comments section and I’ll be happy to pin it.

You can get as creative as you like with your boards. If you want to stick with writing, try a fiction board, poetry board, non-fiction board, favorite author quotes, pictures of bookshelves, bookmarks or just about anything you like! You can have a board that only promotes your novel(s).

My own link to Pinterest is

I use Facebook, Twitter and now Pinterest. I’m signed up with others but have not taken the time to do anything significant with those yet. Which do you use? Which do you like best?

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  1. This was very helpful, Sheila. I’ve been hearing about Pinterest but didn’t know much about it. But I don’t know where I’d find the time. I haven’t even jumped onto Facebook yet for that very reason. I’m worried I won’t have any time leftover to write at all! How do you manage a blog, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook?

    • Facebook doesn’t take much time unless I let it plus it’s really good to get a presence on there if you plan to publish within the next 6 months or so. You can adjust the settings too so you don’t get bombarded with a bunch of ‘stuff’ you don’t want to mess with. Pinterest is easy because it only takes a few seconds to pin something. I am about to start scheduling my blog posts, though, because I’ve just been doing them at will and I need to get a little more disciplined. You can get addicted to all these though, so tread lightly if you decide to go for Facebook 🙂

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