A Place to Write


Do you have a dedicated area in which to write? My dedicated area is the corner pocket of my sectional in the living room. It isn’t ideal. In fact, it’s a terrible place for writing. First, there are constant distractions, with spouse and children interrupting my train of thought right at the moment of … Oh, sorry. What was I saying?  My 4-year-old had to tell me about the space alien in the front yard.

I believe I was looking for just the right word, which even now eludes me. I have no office or room in which to escape. My writing is done between laundry, dishes, errands, all those “Mom” moments when the children can’t find their shoes, a lost toy or their father.

This is why I have taken to running away from home. Yes, I escape when I can. I go down to a quiet spot near the river’s edge with my choice of personal defense weapons, lock my car doors, open my laptop and write. Sometimes, I head even further out town, find a quiet corner in a favorite haunt and do some character studies.In order to write, one must write, wherever, whenever and however. Mary Heaton Vorse said, “The art of writing is the art of applying the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair.”

What’s your biggest challenge to getting your writing done? Do you have a favorite place to write? Please share…

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  1. I finally officially reclaimed my office. My desk arrived two days ago, and all of the mancave debris has been cleared out. It seems silly, but having this space as my own has really helped. I feel like when I enter it, my writing side knows it’s her turn to shine. Well, maybe not shine but at least get to work. 🙂 Plus, now I have windows, and although some writers find them distracting, I love seeing a bird fly by or a squirrel skitter about. I could do without the yapping dogs, but hey, we can’t have everything…

    Your spot by the river’s edge sounds perfect. Well, except for the part about needing to arm yourself in self-defense…

  2. I have an office of sorts – a corner with an antique desk and modern chair at one end of my bedroom. Last activity of the night, turn off the computer. First activity of the day, turn it on. It’s okay, but I have to keep my drapes closed so there’s no screen glare. Room stays very dark, so lights on all day. And if I get bored of clutter on my desk I can turn around and look at the clutter in my bedroom. I think any writing place would be improved with maid service. But as long as I have my computer and a cup of tea or coffee, I can write almost anywhere :).

    • Maid service would be nice sometimes 🙂 What’s really great about writing is being able to escape the ‘clutter’ by diving into our imaginations, huh? Thanks for commenting Julie!

  3. love the way you write. so relaxed and free. i feel comfortable here at your blog, as if i am lying on a blanket in the middle of a forest, staring up at the sky of trees, listening to the birds and bugs and soul of nature. i don’t know how to describe it, it makes me happy. keep on writing, so glad you stumbled upon my blog so i could stumble upon yours. 🙂

    • I believe that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my writing – thank you, *hugs* and humbled 🙂 Was just reading some of your work, too – very talented, indeed! It feels great to be in such good company!

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