The Pretty Fool


Oh the pretty Fool, doesn’t she know she’s caught?

He winked at her across the table…who saw?

Her husband sits beside her, her lover just across

And no one is the wiser of the innocence lost


But she is no April Fool;

That comes but once a year

To her tried and true form

She is foolish without fear

Dancing in stardust

Believing in fallen saints

Grandiose dreams of love

To match that whom Scheffer paints

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  1. a very creative poem – and your ending….

    “…They married and lived happily ever after…”

    David in Maine USA

  2. According to Dante, it wasn’t. I’m not sure if anyone got my reference to Scheffer?? I think there’s a philosophical question in this cutesy poem – What is love worth? Anything? Everything, no matter the cost? Each person has to answer this for themselves I suppose.

    • Scheffer painted the damned lovers in Dante’s Inferno, Francesca and Paolo. My reference was to make one question how far they’d go for love… Thanks so much for reading it!

      • It’s looooong. I need to go through it too. I’ve only read parts – yeah, it’s something you might enjoy. The whole poem is over 14,000 lines long (called the Divine Comedy) and is divided into three cantos – I’d block off a weekend at least…lol

      • You’re kidding? I hope you had some paper and a pen cause there would have to be some great character sketches to pick up on there… hate that you were stuck there so long! That’s terrible…

      • Yeah, I was pretty unhappy about it. I suppose I could’ve done some reading or worked on something while I was there, but after a while I was just too exhausted to really do anything, yet sleep wasn’t really an option.

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