Daily Writing


I’m always on the hunt for places to submit work to. For one thing, I want to be read by others.  For another, in finding new and exciting opportunities, it keeps me encouraged and motivated. Another reason, and probably the best one, is that I think it’s important to write something everyday. It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular, but I am amazed sometimes in how jotting down little bits of something today can unlock a world of creation tomorrow. Some of the places I’ve sought out have deadlines, which is even better because if I accept the challenge, then I must follow through and complete it. It puts a little added pressure on me that I admit I need from time to time.

One place I like to submit work to is Yahoo! Voices Contributor Network. They provide opportunities for both fiction pieces and non-fiction articles. I like taking advantage of the non-fiction articles because it’s the area I feel is my weakest. Assignments are offered and you choose to accept or decline them. Submission guidelines are given, along with the deadline date. An editor reviews your submission and chooses whether to decline or publish your article.

You can be paid for the writing you do for them, but it’s based on how many views you get to your articles and it takes quite a lot of views before even a token amount is paid out. Let’s just say, I haven’t even needed to be concerned about this particular aspect of the process.

If you’re looking for an outlet that allows you to accept assignments and write on a regular basis, this is a good one in my opinion. If you wanted to, you could literally write something for them every day – it’s pretty much unlimited.

I’ve had three of my four submissions published on Yahoo!Voices thus far, two of those being non-fiction articles. If you are interested in reading my latest submission you can find it here:

The Final Feast  – This is my first attempt at a sci-fi flash piece.  Feedback is always welcome 🙂

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    • You could probably make all kinds of medical/health submissions to them, if you were interested at all and of course they have the creative writing, too. Thanks so much for reading the story and for liking it 🙂 I was a bit out of my comfort zone on this one…

  1. i agree with your post on daily writting – i’ll check out the links when i have a little more time.

  2. I admire that you take the time to find places to submit your writing – not to mention following through by actually submitting pieces! This is an aspect of the writing/publishing adventure that I have not worked on at all. Congratulations!

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