Submissions, Rejections and Sometimes…Acceptance!


I have been working very hard lately. Besides the collection of short stories I’m putting together, I’ve also been submitting fiction and non-fiction articles for consideration to practically everywhere! When I decided to chase this dream, I decided I was going for it all the way. Therefore, I’m hunting every opportunity to get work published. Of course, for every acceptance letter I get, three rejection letters follow. That’s okay. A dear friend told me to keep those rejection letters and use them to keep me motivated. I’m following his advice.

One recent success I’ve had is with a story called Baby Fat that I submitted to Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog for her Flash Fiction Fridays. In fact, it will be published to her blog this Friday! It will also run as a podcast April 22.  If you haven’t checked out Morgen’s blog, you are missing out on a true plethora of writing information and content you won’t find anywhere else. It’s all there!

My point is to encourage you. We write, we re-write, we submit and then we wait. And sometimes we get good news so we celebrate!

All the Info:

Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog

Morgen Bailey’s Books –

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