Raven is back to share her thoughts via John Kenworthy, author of The Missionary and the Brute



A note about tomorrow’s blog post by guest blogger John Kenworthy. At his previous blog tour stop on my blog, he shared with us a prequel type story of two of his characters, Mrs. Starr and her daughter, Raven. He gave us a look into their world before they traveled to Tanzania in The Missionary and the Brute. That particular post can be read here:  https://sheilapierson.wordpress.com/2012/03/01/john-d-kenworthy-blog-tour/   Now we get a glimpse into Raven’s world once more, just before she travels to Africa, meeting the Missionary Jadwin Ross for the first time. We also get the pleasure of Mr. Kenworthy’s creative mind…and if you want to know what further fascinations it holds be sure to read The Missionary and the Brute, but only if you can handle the thrills, the darkness and the gut-wrenching twist!

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