Challenge to My Readers – Free Kindle book offer!


Here’s the scoop: Mr. Jerry Guarino, author of Café Stories has a special offer for my readers! The first five (5) of you to figure out his not-so-hidden riddle in The Waiting Room will receive a FREE Kindle edition copy of his book Café Stories.

The Waiting Room is a short short story. For those of you unfamiliar with Mr. Guarino he is quite an imaginative writer, even though he is fairly new to the writing scene. By his own admission he’s somewhat of a late bloomer but that hasn’t stopped him from putting out over 40 stories, published in over a dozen magazines in the U.S. and internationally and published his first book available on via Kindle called Café Stories. He also has another book planned for debut this year.

The Waiting Room is a very quick, fun, but spooky read that I am sure you will enjoy. Here’s the catch – there’s a bit of a riddle in this story. The riddle is subtle but easy, once you know what it is. I won’t leave you any major hints here, but I will say that the author’s son is the only person who caught it. I did finally get it but I had to pry two hints from Mr. Guarino to finally discover it. Once I did, I had to laugh out loud because it was so easy! I have included the link to the story below, but first let me share with you the lengths I went to in order to find and solve the riddle.

I made a flow chart that was something like this:


Name of character



Location of story



Time frame of story – how it eludes to another era

My flow chart actually included a great deal more detail about the character, time and location. I turned all the components I considered significant on end, evaluated and re-evaluated. You are welcome to do the same, although you will discover that it isn’t necessary unless you enjoy making things complicated, like I do!  One tiny personal hint from me is that one of the components in my flow chart is significant.

Okay – the challenge is issued. The first five of you to figure it out will receive a FREE Kindle edition of Café Stories by Jerry Guarino from the author himself! You must email me at with your answer.  Happy riddling…


The link to the story is:

Do NOT leave your answer in the comments section of this post. Contact me at

Please also peruse Mr. Guarino’s website at for more information about this author, a really nice guy by the way!

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