The Convenient Woman


by Sheila R. Pierson

The Convenient Woman makes herself available to a man

He’ll say he loves her, but she needs to understand

He wants her like mad when he wants her

Only gives her a passing thought when he doesn’t

She must give him time alone

And leave him in peace when he’s at home

He doesn’t want his family disturbed by her

Doesn’t want his wife to know

Doesn’t want to look bad to his kids

She mustn’t call or text or give show

The Convenient Woman is foolish with her heart

She gives it away to him to break

She’s open and trusting when they’re apart

Until his intentions are proven to be fake

She lives in mourning over her stupidity

Breaking like glass in a state of fragility

She feels like a used rag doll made from scraps

Stitched together by an amateur crafter’s hands 

He’ll say he loves her, and she’ll say she understands.

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