Divine Creativity….by Sheila Pierson


In finding my way through this technosphere I’ve entered, one thing has struck me more than anything else and it has little to do with technology per se. It is the magnitude of creative individuals I’ve discovered sharing this tiny bit of ground we call planet Earth. The utter beauty of artwork, the hemmed together lines of imagination in the stories and poetry I’ve been reading, the way a book lover displays their treasury of finds, and the simplistic genius of photography capturing moments in time that will never be repeated but always preserved in that one great shot. Yes, each one may use technology as their tool to bring their creativity to an audience, but it is in their soul and mind where the magic occurs. It is in their very essence that beauty takes a form unseen before, unimagined before. It is that unique person’s ability to form something from nothing – the process of creation.

One might argue this need to create is a god-like complex that rivals those of cardiologists as they hold a beating heart in their hands, capable of continuing or ending the life before them. Perhaps it is so.

One could also argue the need to create is in us from the moment our Creator imparted to us a soul; that a transference of our Creator’s very essence intermingled with our own in that impartation, giving a gift of creativity to be shared with others.

What I have discovered is an amazing community of people via social media such as Twitter, blogs and websites who are eagerly sharing their gifts of creativity. Technology may be the vehicle they use to share their world with the rest of us, but it is the expression of the perfectly Divine through an imperfect humanity that leaves me awestruck and inspired. 

A few examples I would like to share with you are:










Check these creative people out, see what makes them tick, and enjoy their perspective on life and beauty.

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