Tech Savvy I’m Not


by Sheila Pierson

I’m not tech savvy, as though I need to point this out if you are looking at my blog. I thought I would be brave and try to add something to it though. Some of you are going to find this amusing, but I attempted to get into the HTML settings and customize a few things. Well I customized this bad boy. I managed to wipe away the comments section of my posts. I also think I managed to destroy any possibility of allowing people to follow me who aren’t on my blog format of choice, though I’m not sure it was ever possible to begin with. If I have done anything right it’s writing this article to remind myself to ask questions first.

Yes, I’m a doer. I’m hands on. I jump in and try things. I’ve always been told to give it a whirl – what can be done, can be undone (with a computer, that is). I would like to find the well-meaning folks who told me this so I can prove them wrong.

Oh please, do feel free to laugh with me. When (If) I figure this thing out, my settings may return to normal. If I don’t, you may find me one day in the far reaches of cyberspace, seeking to find my way out of a maze of symbols that mean nothing to me, drifting through an unspeakable evil of computer codes/language that I shall never interpret or sucking my thumb and sobbing in the corner of an ODI, NSF, or BIU (and no, I have no idea what any of this is or means).

Making an effort, though, even if failure occurs, is better than learning nothing from doing nothing.

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