Flash Fiction Addiction – A Good Read by Sheila Pierson


Are you ready for a compilation of entertaining short stories that range in content and depth? Look no further than Flash Fiction Addiction: 22 Short Short Stories, Volume II  by Garden Summerland. Whether you’re a fan of romance, paranormal, blood sucking vampires or tragedy you will find something to enjoy in this grouping.

Miss Summerland is a joy to read and for those of us who like true flash fiction, she delivers – unleashing timely twists and revelations, some at the last minute while others are slip-stitched throughout, securing the story together succinctly by the end.

I’ve always been a fan of Alfred Hitchcock, including ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’ that premiered in 1955.  This collection of Miss Summerland’s stories hearkens unto these Hitchcockian themes but with a modern approach.

One of her strengths is the ability to build a solid story with memorable characters in such short works – not easy. Some standout examples are The Tattoo, Displaced and A Golden Carriage. There are others, but these three especially show the depth of character she is able to imbue to her works of flash fiction.

To find out more about Garden Summerland and her work, please visit her website at http://www.gardensummerland.com/ or her blog http://gardensummerland.blogspot.com/

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