My Take: A Review of Probability Angels by Joseph Devon


by Sheila Pierson

You will not go gentle in that good night with this read. Joseph Devon thrusts the reader into a world of his own creation that you’ve never experienced before. Originality reigns in a genre that offers plenty of other options. So why choose Probability Angels? Two main characters: Epp and Matthew. Once you meet them, you will want to know more about them, but I’m not giving anything away here and rob you of making this discovery for yourself.

If you’re like me, you may begin reading with skepticism, looking for flaws in his improbable proposition of intrusive, albeit, imperfect angels interacting with humanity as they do, but without the slightest warning you will find yourself completely sucked into an almost-maddening world that spans the course of history and beyond. Have I mentioned the zombies? Oh, yes, there are zombies and you will be both disgusted by them and pity them.

Mr. Devon’s exceptionally crafted story is imaginative, surprising, entertaining and rewarding. Get your hands on Probability Angels today and do not dread reaching the end as I did, as fortunately for his new readership, as I now count myself among, there is a sequel, “Book Two: Persistent Illusions.”

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